Monday, April 20, 2009

Home Alone

So I went in to work this morning, proceeded to throw up twice (sorry for the TMI) and went home. I took a three hour nap and now I am just sitting around here. Reading my last post, I will have to update you all (although I have no clue who reads this...) So, I did have quite an adventure between now and then. Paige, Kayla, and I all went to look at some cool old headstones at an old cemetery. We proceeded to get stuck in the mud (don't ask, believe me, it was a random string of circumstances.) Now, it was light when we got here, but soon after we got stuck it became pitch black. Being all girls, and easily scared ones at that, we jumped in the car and locked the doors waiting for our friends to come pull us out. I said Kayla should take a picture of me with the cemetery in the background on her camera phone. Afterwards, she seemed especially scared (and I was hoping it wasn't because I looked awful in the picture) but we promised each other that we wouldn't talk about anything scary until we were out of there. After our friends nicely came and pushed the car out of the mud, we booked it outta there. Kayla then proceeded to show us the picture of me that has a sort of reflection/outline of a man behind me that had long white hair! Now, believe me, we are aware that we were terrified anyways and might have been making it sound scarier than it was, but it's freaky! If you all ever see it, please don't say that it probably is nothing as we might have to smack you!